International Student Group Breda(former the net)

Welcome to the official carrd of Host. Breda.
We are a student group that wants to connect new international students and young adults. Even though we're a Christian group, we are excited to welcome people with all different views on life. We believe that there is beauty in diversity and we can learn from each other.
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September 2023


Buddy Families

A buddy family is a household that is open to have international students at their place for a meal and share their (Dutch) culture.
It could be done at Christmas time for students who cannot go to their homecountry.
In this way, we encourage connections outside of the known environment.
You can also become a buddy family if you are not Dutch.
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If you have any questions, suggestions or are interested in helping and joining the team, please let us know.

Reach the
Student Representative Breda Doro:
[email protected]
[email protected]
ISM member Anne:
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Friends of HOST. Breda

Following Churches and Organizations within Breda are actively collaborating with HOST Breda. Click on the names to get to their websites or Facebook Pages and to learn more.If you want to be a "Friend" of THE NET please contact us via Email or by phone.

IFES is the International Fellowship of International Students and the initiator of this student group.

We are allowed to use the space of the Franciskerk in Breda and will get support from their pastors and community.

GKV is an reformed church that also offered their support when need be.